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*Some information found on these websites is not for the faint-hearted. No responsibility taken for anyone offended by these sites

Stening Simpson Insurance Suicidal.com GlobalIdeasbank.org
SpyBase.com Rotten pictures
ElectricalSocket.com BotSpot: Hoaxe
TheLastWord (ask any question) NerdMan.com
Enemies HowStuffWorks.com
The Balrogs Lair.com Bored.com The Backyard Film.com
DeathClock.com AMERICANOUTLAW.COM StickDeath.com

Strange Websites - Mostly Animations
Kitten Sticky Baby WEEEEE!
Order To Go shake that ass! Odd Todd is unemployed
Fat Chicks in Party Hats Exploding Dog Ghost of Lancashire
Face Demo the couch Interesting cartoons
Dumbass Santa Bass Pong takes a twisted turn view when alone
Peter Pan Psst!... muffins! Ninjai
Monty Python feat. lego men! Mullets Galore Zombo
Whats my pirate name?
hypothermic squirrel